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Betty Lau

Betty S. Lau is a senior vice president in the central bank and international account services (CBIAS) function, Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  She had been a vice president and co-head of CBIAS since January 2009.  She was also named in January 2010 as one of the Bank’s Equal Employment Opportunity officers.

Ms. Lau joined the Bank in May 1978 and assigned to the Buffalo Branch.  She was named an officer of the New York Fed in May 1995 assigned to the Financial Services Group.  In June 1998, she was promoted to assistant vice president of fiscal services and vice president of the customer account processing system in the Market Group in September 2007.  In August 2008, she was temporarily relocated to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond where she established the CBIAS (Richmond) operations.  She returned to New York in May 2009.

Ms. Lau holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and an MBA from the University of Bridgeport.

January 2011