International Services & Coordination

The NY Fed seminars, training programs, and conferences—and our account relationships with the international central banking community—position the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as a leader in policy, technology, and education for central bankers. On behalf of the Federal Reserve System, we provide correspondent and custodial banking services for central banks, monetary authorities, and certain international organizations to facilitate their official financial operations.
Central Bank and International Account Services
The Central Bank and International Account Services (CBIAS) area of the New York Fed's Markets Group serves the U.S. dollar reserve management needs of its official international customers. CBIAS offers payment services, custodial services for securities and gold, and investment services.
  • The New York Fed maintains about 250 customer relationships.
  • At year-end 2009, customers held approximately $3 trillion in U.S. dollar-denominated assets at the Bank, more than half of the world's official U.S. dollar reserves.
  • Customers execute more than $250 billion in funds, securities and investment transactions daily.
  • The New York Fed holds in custody approximately
    213 million troy ounces of fine gold for some three dozen countries, central banks and international organizations.

CBIAS maintains a secure website for the sole use of its official international customers.

CBIAS customers who would like access to the website should contact
International Visits & Training
Visitor Appointments
Should you or your colleagues wish to meet with New York Fed officials, please send a letter via facsimile to Mr. Howard Howe, International Affairs Office (212) 720-1527 or by e-mail to

In your communication, we ask that you include the following information:

  • Topics you wish to cover during the visit
  • A list of specific questions that you would like the staff to address
  • The names, titles, and where appropriate the responsibilities of all representatives of your institution who will be visiting the bank

We ask that these requests be sent at least three weeks in advance of the visit. We encourage flexibility with exact dates and times of meetings in order to accommodate scheduling conflicts and previous commitments by Bank staff. The International Affairs Office will send you an itinerary prior to your appointment.

Technical Assistance

The International Affairs Office coordinates technical assistance efforts on behalf of the Bank. On occasion, staff members make onsite visits to central banks and provide technical assistance in monetary policy, bank supervision, payment services and other central bank activities.

Central banks and regulatory authorities across the world regularly make use of our Specialized Training Programs

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