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How to Put Together a Team

A team consists of three to five students, who all attend the same high school. A team can be put together in a number of ways:

  • As part of an extracurricular activity. The team is made up of student volunteers who work on the Fed Challenge as an out-of-class activity. An advantage of extracurricular recruiting is the advantage of having returning participants, who can relate, first-hand, their experiences from the previous year's Challenge.
  • As the result of a class- or school-based competition. The class is divided into teams. Each team makes a presentation before the rest of the class; the team with the best presentation goes on to represent the school. An alternative is the "all-star" approach, in which the five best presenters in class are chosen. Or team selection can be extended to all the classes in a school by choosing either a best-of-school team or a team of the school's best presenters.
  • By teacher selection. A teacher assembles a team on the basis of overall performance, some in-class assignment, or expressed interest in the subject.

Other class members can get involved by taking part in team activities such as:

  • gathering and analyzing data and useful background information,
  • researching important concepts and issues that are likely to be important to monetary policy,
  • preparing charts and other parts of the presentation,
  • judging practice sessions and providing feedback, and

  • serving as an alternate team member in case of team member absence on the day of the competition.