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More Information About Taxes

To get more information about taxes, go to these sites:

  • Internal Revenue Services - This site, created by the Internal Revenue Service, intended for students and teachers, presents "the whys" (theory, rationale, and history of taxes) and "how tos " (steps to take when filing tax forms) about taxes. The teacher site contains lesson plans, simulations, tax tutorials, and assessments. The student site consists of reading and skill tests correlated to the teacher lesson plans.
  • Learnthat - This site contains an on-line tax preparation tutorial for beginners. The tutorial contains instructions on how to gather the necessary information for filing a return, a link to download federal income tax forms, directions on how to complete a federal income tax form, and suggestions on where to turn for help about preparing and filing a tax return.
  • Money Instructor - This site, part of the Money Instruction series, consists of four activities dealing with taxation. "Paying Taxes for Chores" provides a worksheet that teaches basic math and the concept of paying taxes. "Income Tax Time Word Problems" calls for users to answer word problem questions that have an income tax theme. "Federal Income Tax 1040 EZ Worksheet" provides practice in how to complete a W-4 tax form. "Earnings Statement" gives users practice reading an earnings statement and answering related questions. It includes questions regarding federal, state, and social security taxes, and other deductions.
Taxes - More Information About Taxes
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