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System Open Market Account Holdings

The System Open Market Account (SOMA), managed by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, contains dollar-denominated assets acquired via open market operations. These securities serve three purposes:

  • Collateral for U.S. currency in circulation and other reserve factors that show up as liabilities on the Federal Reserve System's balance sheet
  • A tool for the Fed’s management of reserve balances
  • A store of liquidity in the event an emergency need for liquidity arises
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Securities Holdings as of May 11, 2011
($ thousands)

Maturity Date
Par Value
% of Total1

Change in Par From Prior Week2

5/12/11 9127952Q3 3,781,546.0 3.64%  
5/19/11 9127952R1 6,285,071.7 5.97%  
5/26/11 9127952S9 2,418,028.0 2.62%  
6/2/11 912795W64 5,937,991.0 4.99% 5,937,991.0
1 Denotes % of total outstanding for each issue.
2 Changes in par may reflect primary and secondary market transactions and/or custodial account activity.
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