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New York Fed Examines Impact of Superstorm Sandy
December 13, 2012

The New York Fed’s Liberty Street Economics blog next week will run a special five-part series examining the physical, economic and human costs of superstorm Sandy. The blog series, appearing every day from December 17 to December 21, will provide insight on the storm’s short-term impact and its longer-term effects. 

The series will feature the following posts:

  • "What Are the Costs of Superstorm Sandy?" explains how economists think about the economic effects of disasters and how to interpret cost estimates.
  • "The Welfare Costs of Sandy" examines the impact on welfare, or human discomfort, brought about by Sandy, which is typically unaccounted for in conventional cost estimates.
  • "The Impact of Superstorm Sandy on New York City School Closures and Attendance" documents the closures of schools, attendance declines and relocation of students after Sandy.
  • "How Will We Pay for Sandy?" looks at how the economic costs of disasters are typically paid for and who is likely to cover the costs from Sandy.
  • "The Path of Economic Recovery from Sandy" draws implications for the local labor market after the storm, using past disasters as examples.
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