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Becoming More Alike? Comparing Bank and Federal Reserve Stress Test Results
The authors compare the 2014 stress test projections made by U.S. bank holding companies (BHCs) and the Federal Reserve with similar numbers from 2013 to find out whether the BHC and Federal Reserve findings are converging over time. Such convergence could indicate decreased diversity of stress testing approaches in the banking industry.
By Beverly Hirtle, Anna Kovner, and Eric McKay
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International Banking Research Network
This New York Fed-hosted microsite describes an initiative of central bank researchers who are engaged in a coordinated study of global banks and their activities internationally.
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The Center for Microeconomic Data
This new research hub centralizes the wide-ranging microeconomic data, research, and analysis produced by the New York Fed.
Higher Education Map
For-Profits in the Higher Education Landscape
Interactive maps and charts shed light on the unprecedented growth, market share, student loans, tuition pricing, federal grants, and more for for-profit higher education institutions.
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What Determines the Composition of International Bank Flows?
Several recent studies document that the extent to which shocks are transmitted through banks across borders depends on the type of foreign activities these banks engage in. The authors propose a model to explain the composition of banks’ foreign activities, distinguishing between international interbank lending, intrabank lending, and cross-border lending to foreign firms.
By Cornelia Kerl and Friederike Niepmann, Staff Reports 681, July 2014
Central Bank Macroeconomic Forecasting during the Global Financial Crisis: The European Central Bank and Federal Reserve Bank of New York Experiences
The authors document macroeconomic forecasting during the global financial crisis by the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This paper is the result of a collaborative effort between the two institutions that allowed the authors to study time-stamped forecasts as they were made throughout the crisis.
By Lucia Alessi, Eric Ghysels, Luca Onorante, Richard Peach, and Simon Potter, Staff Reports 680, July 2014
The Effect of State Pension Cut Legislation on Bank Values
This study suggests that states' budget cuts affect bank values and credit supply through their municipal bond holdings.
By Lee Cohen, Marcia Millon Cornett, Hamid Mehran, and Hassan Tehranian, Staff Reports 679, June 2014
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