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The Review is a policy-oriented journal focusing on macroeconomic, banking, and financial market topics. It publishes new research by Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists, papers by affiliated economists, and the proceedings of Bank-sponsored conferences. The Review’s Executive Summaries series offers abridged versions of many articles.

Kenneth D. Garbade is the editor; Meta Brown, Richard Crump, Marco Del Negro, Jan Groen, Andrew Haughwout, and Stavros Peristiani are coeditors.

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Volume 20, Number 2   
A Special Issue on Large and Complex Banks
Do Big Banks Have Lower Operating Costs?
Anna Kovner, James Vickery, and Lily Zhou
Evidence from the Bond Market on Banks’ “Too-Big-to-Fail” Subsidy
João Santos
Do “Too-Big-to-Fail” Banks Take on More Risk?
Gara Afonso, João Santos, and James Traina
Components of U.S. Financial Sector Growth, 1950-2013
Samuel Antill, David Hou, and Asani Sarkar
Evolution in Bank Complexity
Nicola Cetorelli, James McAndrews, and James Traina
Measures of Complexity of Global Banks
Nicola Cetorelli and Linda S. Goldberg
Matching Collateral Supply and Financing Demands in Dealer Banks
Adam Kirk, James McAndrews, Parinitha Sastry, and Phillip Weed
Bank Resolution Concepts, Trade-offs, and Changes in Practices
Phoebe White and Tanju Yorulmazer
The Failure Resolution of Lehman Brothers
Michael Fleming and Asani Sarkar
Why Bail-in? And How!
Joseph H. Sommer
What Makes Large Bank Failures So Messy and What to Do about It?
James McAndrews, Donald P. Morgan, João Santos, and Tanju Yorulmazer
Volume 20, Number 1February
A Special Issue on the Stability of Funding Models
Download full book PDF53 pages / 899 kb
Tanju Yorulmazer
PDF2 pages / 40 kb
Literature Review on Stability of Funding Models
Tanju Yorulmazer
Case Studies on Disruptions during the Crisis
Tanju Yorulmazer
Stability of Funding Models: An Analytical Framework
Thomas Eisenbach, Todd Keister, James McAndrews, and Tanju Yorulmazer