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Research and policy analysis on global macroeconomic, trade, and finance issues affecting the United States.
Liberty Street Economics
Comparing U.S. and Euro Area Unemployment Rates
By Thomas Klitgaard and Richard Peck
February 5, 2014
Japan's Missing Wall of Money
Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard
November 4, 2013
Capital Flight inside the Euro Area: Cooling Off a Fire Sale
Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard
October 2, 2013
Foreign Borrowing in the Euro Area Periphery: The End Is Near
Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard
May 22, 2013
Japanese Inflation Expectations, Revisited
Geoffrey Barnes and Benjamin R. Mandel
April 22, 2013
A New Approach for Identifying Demand and Supply Shocks in the Oil Market
Jan Groen, Kevin McNeil, and Menno Middeldorp
March 25, 2013
The Exchange Rate Disconnect
Mary Amiti, Oleg Itskhoki, and Jozef Konings
February 11, 2013
China's Impact on U.S. Inflation
Mary Amiti and Mark Choi
January 14, 2013
The Different Paths of Greece and Spain to High Unemployment
Thomas Klitgaard and Ayşegül Şahin
November 28, 2012
Income Flows from U.S. Foreign Assets and Liabilities
Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard
November 12, 2012
Current Issues in Economics and Finance
The Balance of Payments Crisis in the Euro Area Periphery
By Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard
Volume 20, Number 2   2014
Why Is the U.S. Share of World Merchandise Exports Shrinking?
Benjamin R. Mandel
Volume 18, Number 1   2012
Staff Reports
LIBOR: Origins, Economics, Crisis, Scandal, and Reform
David Hou and David Skeie
Number 667  March 2014
No Guarantees, No Trade: How Banks Affect Export Patterns
Friederike Niepmann and Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
Number 659  December 2013
Coordinating Monetary and Macroprudential Policies
Bianca De Paoli and Matthias Paustian
Number 653  November 2013
Federal Reserve Tools for Managing Rates and Reserves
Antoine Martin, James McAndrews, Ali Palida, and David Skeie
Number 642  September 2013
Accounting for Breakout in Britain: The Industrial Revolution through a Malthusian Lens
Alexander Tepper and Karol Jan Borowiecki
Number 639  September 2013
Banks in International Trade Finance: Evidence from the U.S.
Friederike Niepmann and Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
Number 633  September 2013
The Fragility of Short-Term Secured Funding Markets
Antoine Martin, David Skeie, and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
Number 630  September 2013
Time Variation in Asset Price Responses to Macro Announcements
Linda S. Goldberg and Christian Grisse
Number 626  May 2013
The Microstructure of China’s Government Bond Market
Jennie Bai, Michael Fleming, and Casidhe Horan
Number 622  May 2013
Going Global: Markups and Product Quality in the Chinese Art Market
Jennie Bai, Jia Guo, and Benjamin Mandel
Number 614  May 2013
The Gender Unemployment Gap
Stefania Albanesi and Ayşegül Şahin
Number 613  April 2013
Banking across Borders with Heterogeneous Banks
Friederike Niepmann
Number 609  April 2013
How Much Do Bank Shocks Affect Investment? Evidence from Matched Bank-Firm Loan Data
Mary Amiti and David C. Weinstein
Number 604  March 2013
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