Research Group Seminar Calendar

The Research Group at the New York Fed organizes multiple weekly seminar series on a variety of research and policy topics. Academic visitors and research staff present current research in a 90 minute seminar format in these series. Seminar attendance is limited to research staff and invited guests only.

(This schedule will be updated with topics periodically. So please check back frequently.)

2015 Schedule
Research & Statistics Group
January 8 Robert Townsend
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2014 Schedule
Capital Markets
December 17 Benson Durham
FRB of New York
Betting Against Beta (and Gamma) using Government Bonds
November 21 Robin Greenwood
Harvard Business School
Price and Yield Curve Dynamics in Segmented Capital
November 13 Motohiro Yogo
FRB of Minneapolis
An Equilibrium Model of Institutional Demand and Asset Prices
November 6 Paul Tetlock
Columbia University
Retail Short Selling and Stock Prices
October 30 Samuel Hanson
Harvard Business School
Investor Demand for Securitizations
October 23 Valentin Haddad
Princeton University
Information Aversion
October 16 Urban Jermann
The Wharton School
Sticky Leverage
October 9 Anna Paulson & Bob McDonald
FRB of Chicago
October 2 Nikolai Roussanov
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
Mortgage Refinancing and Monetary Policy
September 18 Kent Daniel
Columbia University
Momentum Crashes
May 29 Jean-Sébastien Fontaine
Bank of Canada
Term Structure Modeling when Monetary Policy is Unconventional: A New Approach
May 15 Andrea Eisfeldt
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Measuring the Financial Soundness of U.S. Firms, 1926 - 2012
May 8 Jean-Paul Renne
Banque de France
April 24 Bruno Biais
Toulouse School of Economics
Risk-Sharing or Risk-Taking: An Incentive Theory of Counterparty Risk, Clearing and Margins
April 17 Erik Stafford
Harvard Business School
How Markets Learn
April 9 Luis Viceira
Harvard Business School
Monetary Policy Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks
April 3 Rodney Ramcharan
Federal Reserve Board
Financing Capacity and Fire Sales: Evidence from Bank Failures
March 21 Adrien Verdelhan
The Share of Systematic Variation
Financial Intermediation
December 10 Maryam Farboodi
Princeton University
Intermediation and Voluntary Exposure to Counterparty Risk
December 3 Andrew Winton
University of Minnesota
Risk Overhang and Loan Portfolio Decisions: Small Business Loan Supply Before and During the Financial Crisis
November 12 Marco Di Maggio
Columbia University
Credit-Induced Boom and Bust
November 5 Rocco Ciciretti
University of Roma Tor Vergata
The Determinants of Household's Bank Switching
September 10 Cedric Tille
Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies
Do Real Exchange Rate Appreciations Matter for Growth?
October 29 Amiyatosh Pumanadam
University of Michigan
The Strategic Under-Reporting of Bank Risk
October 22 Dragon Yongiun Tang
University of Hong Kong
Do Credit Default Swaps Reduce the Value of Creditor Control Rights? Evidence from Debt Covenants
October 20 Regina Martinez
George Washington University
International Banking Flows and Credit Booms: Do Credit Booms Go with the Flow?
June 11 Victoria Ivashina
Harvard University
June 4 Heitor Almeida
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: The Sovereign Ceiling Channel
May 28 Stijn van Niewurburgh
New York University
The Common Factor in Idiosyncratic Volatility: Quantitative Asset Pricing Implications
May 21 John Driscoll
Federal Reserve Board
Sticky Deposit Rates
May 7 Anne-Laure Delatte
Sciences Po
Nonlinearities in Sovereign Risk Pricing: The Role of CDX Index Contracts
April 23 Efraim Benmelech
Northwestern University
The Agglomeration of Bankruptcy
April 9 Thorsten Beck
Tilburg University
Lending Concentration, Bank Performance and Systemic Risk: Exploring Cross-Country Variation
March 26 Gregor Matvos
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Advertising Expensive Mortgages
March 19 Zhenyu Wang
Indiana University
Optimal Bank Liability Structure
International Research
November 20 Ozge Akinci
Federal Reserve Board
Banks, Capital Flows, and Financial Crises
November 14 Ariel Burstein
Accounting for Changes in Between-Group Inequality
November 7 Paula Bustos
Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Brazil
October 31 Michael Devereux
University of British Columbia
October 10 Giancarlo Corsetti
Cambridge University
International Competitiveness and Monetary Policy
October 3 Emmanuel Farhi
Harvard University
Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation. Evidence from Brazil
September 19 Kinda Hachem
The University of Chicago
Agency Cost Determinants of Bank Risk-Taking
September 26 Ivan Werning
A Theory of Macroprudential Policies in the Presence of Nominal Rigidities
June 26 Gordon Hanson
University of California, San Diego
Trade Adjustment: Worker Level Evidence
May 23 Fabio Ghironi
University of Washington
Trade, Unemployment, and Monetary Policy
May 2 Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
University of Maryland
Fiscal Shocks, Government Bonds, and Credit Market Disruptions: Bank Level Evidence from 1999 Turkish Earthquake
April 25 Oleg Itshoki
Princeton University
Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions
April 11 Katheryn Russ
University of California, Davis
Dissecting Trade Risk: How Risky is Exporting?
April 4 Martin Uribe
Columbia University
Are Capital Controls Prudential? An Empirical Investigation
March 28 Beata Javorcik
University of Oxford
Grin and Bear It: Producer-Financed Exports from an Emerging Market
March 21 Adrien Verdelhan
The Share of Systematic Variation
Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies
December 3 Juan Rubio-Ramirez
Duke University
Inference Based on SVARs Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: Theory and Applications
November 24 Giuseppe Moscarini
Yale University
Did the Job Ladder Fail After the Great Recession?
November 19 Shu Lin Wee
Carnegie Mellon University
Born Under a Bad Sign: The Cost of Entering the Job Market During a Recession
November 14 Dennis Bonam
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Trade-Off Between Output and Sovereign Debt Stabilisation
November 12 Andrea Raffo
Federal Reserve Board
Investment Shocks, Terms of Trade, and Risk Sharing
November 5 William Branch
University of California, Irvine
Financial Frictions, the Housing Market, and Unemployment
October 29 Christian Hellwig
Toulouse School of Economics
Risk-Taking, Rent-Seeking, and Investment When Financial Markets Are Noisy
October 17 Axelle Ferriere
CSWEP Fellow
Sovereign Default, Inequality, and Progressive Taxation
October 15 Miles Kimball
University of Michigan
Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound
October 1 Ethan Ilzetzki
London School of Economics
September 26 Stefania Albanesi
Insolvency After the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform
September 24 Todd Walker
Indiana University
Approximate Aggregation in the Neoclassical Growth Model with Idiosyncratic Shocks
September 17 Neil Mehrotra
Brown University
Financial Shocks and Job Flows
September 9 Miles Kimball
University of Michigan
September 3 Franck Portier
Toulouse School of Economics
Reconciling Hayek's and Keynes' Views of Recessions
June 4 Leena Rudanko
Boston University
Unions in a Frictional Labor Market
May 14 David Berger
Northwestern University
Volatlity and Pass-Through
May 7 Sanjay Chugh
Boston College
Efficiency and Labor Market Dynamics in a Model of Labor Selection
April 30 Robert Ulbricht
Toulouse School of Economics
The Net Benefit from Employment and Duration Dependence in the Exit Rate from Unemployment
April 9 Luis Viceira
Harvard Business School
Monetary Policy Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks
April 2 Jeremy Lise
University College London
The Macro-Dynamics of Sorting Between Works and Firms
March 26 Vasco Carlvaho
Firm Dynamics and the Granular Hypothesis
March 5 Luminita Stevens
University of Maryland
Investor Sophistication and Capital Income Inequality
Microeconomic Studies
December 15 Nathaniel Baum-Snow
Brown University
Why has Urban Inequality Increased?
December 8 Adam Sacarny
Columbia University
December 2 Peter Bergman
Columbia University
Educational Attainment and School Desegregation: Evidence from Randomized Lotteries
November 17 Didem Tuzeman
FRB of Kansas City
Health Care Reform or Labor Market Reform? A Quantitative Analysis of the Affordable Care Act
November 5 Peter Arcidiacono
Duke University
Grade Inflation and Demand for Courses
November 3 Arnaud Maurel
Duke University
Recovering Ex Ante Returns and Preferences for Occupations using Subjective Expectations Data
October 20 John Sabelhaus
Federal Reserve Board
Macroeconomic Consequences of Heterogeneous Income and Wealth Shocks
October 6 Chamna Yoon
Baruch College
Identification and Semi-Parametric Estimation of Dynamic Games of Electoral Competition
September 29 Miikka Rokkanen
Columbia University
Exam Schools, Ability, and the Effects of Affirmative Action: Latent Factor Extrapolation in the Regression Discontinuity Design
September 18 Seth Zimmerman
Princeton/University of Chicago Booth
Making Top Managers: The Role of Elite Universities and Elite Peers
September 15 Melissa Kearney
University of Maryland
Income Inequality, Social Mobility, and the Decision to Drop Out of High School
September 8 Thibaut Lamadon
University of Chicago
Productivity Shocks, Dynamic Contracts and Income Uncertainty
June 16 Patricia Anderson
Dartmouth College
Food Insecurity and the Great Recession: The Role of Unemployment Duration, Credit and Housing Markets
June 9 Ilyana Kuziemko
Columbia Business School
Reference Points and Demand for Redistribution: Experimental Evidence
June 2 Matthew Notowidigdo
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Housing Boom, Labor Market Outcomes, and Educational Attainment
May 19 Judith Scott-Clayton
Columbia University
Should We Subsidize Student Employment? Conditional Counterfactuals and the Outcomes of Work-Study Participation
May 5 Jan Brueckner
University of California at Irvine
House-Price Expectations, Alternative Mortgage Products, and Default
April 28 Esteban Aucejo
London School of Economics
University Differences in the Graduation of Minorities in STEM Fields: Evidence from California
April 21 Andy Glover
University of Texas at Austin
Inter-Generational Redistribution in the Great Recession
April 14 Jialan Wang
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Perverse Nudges: Minimum Payments and Debt Paydown in Consumer Credit Cards
April 7 Kevin Lang
Boston University
The Sad Truth About Happiness Scales
March 31 Sarena Goodman
Federal Reserve Board
Learning from the Test: Raising Selective College Enrollment by Providing Information
March 24 Douglas Almond
Columbia University
Do BMI Grades Work? Obesity Reporting in New York City Schools
March 10 Kyle Herkenhoff
University of California, Los Angeles
The Impact of Consumer Credit Access on Unemployment
March 17 Lisa Kahn
Yale University
The Cyclicality of Employment and Firm Quality
March 3 Kyle Meng
Princeton University
Forecasting the Cost to Firms of Climate Policy using Prediction Markets and Lobbying Records
Regional Analysis
December 11 Kevin Stange
University of Michigan
Investing in Schools: Capital Spending, Facility Conditions, and Student Achievement
November 10 Adriana Kugler
Georgetown University
Do Tax Progressivity and Transfers Encourage Risk Taking? Impacts on Labor Mobility
November 6 Elizabeth Cascio
Dartmouth College
Challenges of Expanding Preschool Access
October 27 Kenneth Chay
Brown University
Early Life Environment and Racial Inequality in Education and Earnings in the United States
October 24 Josh Angrist
Charters Without Lotteries: Testing Takeovers in Boston and New Orleans
October 9 Dylan Conger
George Washington University
The Impact of Tition Increases on Undocumented College Students' Attainment
Money and Payments Studies
December 18 Asani Sarkar
FRB of New York
Size Is Not Everything
December 2 David Hirshleifer
UC Irvine
Visibility Bias in the Transmission of Consumption Norms and Undersaving
November 12 Enrico Perotti
University of Amsterdam
Insecure Debt
October 21 William Roberds
FRB of Atlanta
Death of a Reserve Currency
October 14 Saki Bigio
Columbia University
Banks, Liquidity Management and Monetary Policy
October 3 Shuji Kobayakawa
Bank of Japan
September 30 Ana Fostel
George Washington University
Financial Innovation, Collateral and Investment
May 20 Charles Kahn
University of Illinois
Liquidity Freezes under Adverse Selection
April 22 Morten Bech
The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy on the Overnight Interbank Market
March 4 Bige Kahraman
Stockholm School of Economics
Leverage Constraints and Liquidity: What Can We Learn from Margin Trading?
2013 Schedule
Capital Markets
December 12 Alberto Rossi
University of Maryland Smith School of Business
December 5 Yuliy Sannikov
Princeton University
November 21 Francois Gourio
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Financial Distress and Time-Varying Uncertainty
November 7 Anna Obizhaeva
University of Maryland
Large Bets and Stock Market Crashes
October 31 Hui Chen
MIT Sloan School of Management
Demand for Crash Insurance, Intermediary Constraints
October 17 Stavros Panageas
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Financial Entanglement: A Theory of Incomplete Integration, Leverage, Crashes and Contagion
October 10 Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
Kellogg School of Management
Short-Term Debt and Financial Crises: What we can learn from U.S. Treasury Supply
October 3 Stefano Giglio
University of Chicago
Asset pricing in the frequency domain
September 26 S. P. Kothari
MIT School of Management

The Behavior of Aggregate Corporate Investment
September 19 Krista Schwarz
University of Pennsylvania
Notes on Bonds: Liquidity at all Costs in the Great Recession
Financial Intermediation
December 4 Stefania Garetto
Boston University
Multinational Banks
November 15 Hyun Shin
Princeton University
October 30 Rajkamal Iyer
MIT, Sloan School of Management
Understanding Bank Runs: Do Depositors Monitor Banks?
October 9 Luc Laeven
International Monetary Fund
September 26 S. P. Kothari
MIT, Sloan School of Business
The Behavior of Aggregate Corporate Investment
September 18 William Wilhelm
University of Virginia, McIntire
Investment-Banking Relationships: 1933-2007
September 11 Viral Acharya
New York University, Stern School of Business
Testing Macroprudential Stress Tests: The Risk of Regulatory Risk Weights.
International Research
November 15 Hyun Song Shin
Princeton University
Capital flows, cross-border banking and global liquidity?
November 8 Andrew Bernard
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Two-sided Heterogeneity and Trade
October 11 Gianluca Benigno
London School of Economics
Reserve Accumulation, Growth and Financial Crises
September 27 Peter Schott
Yale University
The Surprisingly Swift Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment
September 20 Caroline Freund
Peterson Institute for International Economics
Export Superstars
Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies
December 4 Leena Rudanko
Boston University
November 20 Vaidyanathan Venkateswaran
New York University, Stern School of Business
Information, misallocation and aggregate productivity.
November 13 Benjamin Johannsen
Northwestern University
When are the Effects of Fiscal Policy Uncertainty Large?
October 30

Stephanie Schmitt–Grohe
Columbia University

October 16 Kevin Sheedy
London School of Economics
Lessons from Historical Reserve Requirements in the United States to Promote Bank Liquidity
October 11 Gianluca Benigno
London School of Economics
October 9 Mirko Wiederholt
University of Frankfurt
Inattention to Rare Events
September 18 Loukas Karabarbounis
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
The Opportunity Cost of Employment: Cycles and Levels
Microeconomic Studies
December 16 Sergio Urzua
University of Maryland
December 9 Amanda Pallais
Harvard University
Why the Referential Treatment? Evidence from Field Experiments on Referrals
December 2 Joseph Gyourko
University of Pennsylvania
November 25 Brigitte Madrian
Harvard University
Active Choice and Health Care Costs: Evidence from Prescription Drug Home Delivery
November 18 Victoria Prowse
Cornell University
The Design of Unemployment Transfers: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Life-cycle Model
November 4

Kevin Lang
Boston University

October 21 Claudia Sahm
Federal Reserve Board
Do Household alance Sheets Affect Stimulus Spending? Lessons from Changes in Payroll Taxes
October 28 Hunt Allcott
New York University
The Lightbulb Paradox: Evidence from Two Randomized Control Trails
October 7 Kartik Athreya
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
The College Premium, Risk, and Human Capital Investment
September 16 William Hawkins
Yeshiva University
The Joint Dynamics of Capital and Employment at the Plant Level
Money and Payments Studies
November 5 Jan Wrampelmeyer
St. Gallen University
The Euro Interbank Repo Market
October 22 Yaron Leitner
FRB of Philadelphia
Stress Tests and Information Disclosure
October 15 Lucy White
Harvard Law School
Reputational Contagion and Optimal Regulatory
October 1 Mark Carlson
Federal Reserve Board
Lessons from Historical Reserve Requirements in the United States to Promote Bank Liquidity
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