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Public Policy Issues


  • August 19 - FXC and FMLG issue market practice around designation of covered PB counterparties under PB Protocol.
  • May 22 - FXC and FMLG issue market practice regarding Swap Trading Relationship for Foreign Exchange.
  • May 6 - ISDA offers Derivatives/FX Prime Brokerage Business Conduct Allocation Protocol. The Protocol Annex, developed with the FXC and FMLG, provides for the allocation of business conduct responsibilities in prime brokerage arrangements as permitted by CFTC No-Action Letter No. 13-11.
  • April 26 - The FXC held an all-day forum on the Dodd-Frank Act and the Foreign Exchange Market. Materials available here.
  • February 15 pdf - FXC/FMLG issue market practice for trade reporting of prime brokerage trades


  • March 5 PDF - Comments on FINRA's proposed rule to establish a leverage limitation for retail FX


  • March 3 - FXC Joins with Other Industry Groups to Support Provisions of S.26


  • December 16 - FXC and ISDA File Amicus Brief in the Jugobanka Case


  • October 21 - FXC comment letter regarding the Draft Interagency White Paper on Sound Practices to Strengthen the Resilience of the U.S. Financial System.
  • July - SIA Foreign Exchange Subcommittee T+1 White Paper
  • June 7 - FXC comments on the SIA's Whitepaper on cross border related to T+1 settlement for U.S. securities.


  • July 18 - Committee Joins with Other Industry Groups to Support Provisions of H.R. 4541


  • June 8 - Paul Kimball, Chair of the FXC, Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Risk Management and Specialty Crops concerning the Commodities Exchange Act and the CFTC
  • June 8 - Letter to CFTC on Proposed Rules Concerning Automated Trading Systems Providing Access to Electronic Boards of Trade Operating Primarily out of the US
  • June 8 - Letter to Congressman Thomas Ewing, Chair of the House Subcommitee on Risk Management and Specialty Crops, on CEA Reform. Signed by Foreign Exchange Committee and other industry groups
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