About the EIF

The Education and Industry Forum on Financial Services Culture (EIF) comprises business school professors and leaders from financial services firms who are committed to promoting the development of an agile, adaptable, and ethical future workforce in the financial services industry. The EIF provides a regular opportunity to identify challenges faced by the industry with regard to culture, behavior, and ethics, and to develop collaborative solutions to address them. The EIF is a private-sector voluntary membership group that is sponsored by, but is not part of, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. See the charter and antitrust guidelines

For more on the reform of culture and behavior in the financial services industry, see New York Fed's Governance & Culture Reform.

Current Members

Jeremy Kress
Assistant Professor of
Business Law
University of Michigan
Ross School of Business
Christina Parajon Skinner
Assistant Professor
University of Pennsylvania
The Wharton School
William Boulding
Dean and J.B. Fuqua Professor
of Business Administration
Duke University
Fuqua School of Business
Scott Stimpfel
Global Head of Learning & Development
Citi Banking, Capital Markets, and Advisory
Emmanuelle Bury
Chief Compliance Officer
BNP Paribas Americas
Peg Sullivan
Global Head of Talent Management
Morgan Stanley
Joanne Ciulla
Professor and Director
of the Institute for
Ethical Leadership
Rutgers Business School
Danielle Warren
Professor of Management & Global Business
Rutgers Business School
Mark D. Higgins
Head of Non-Financial Risk, Global Rates
Deutsche Bank
Jacqueline Welch
Executive Vice President and
Chief Human Resources Officer
The New York Times Company
David Kirshenbaum
Chief Operating Officer
Citi Banking, Capital Markets, and Advisory

Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Ex-Officio)

Thomas Noone
EIF Chair
Maria Carmelita Recto
EIF Secretary
Toni Dechario