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Governance & Culture Reform
Held: The Evolving First Line of Defense
In keynote remarks at the 1LoD Summit in New York, Michael Held, General Counsel, focused on the role of the first line of defense: discussing the risk of silos in the three lines of defense model; encouraging a more creative and inclusive approach; and offering thoughts on the development of professional attributes.
(DATE: April 17, 2018)
Dudley: The Importance of Incentives in Ensuring a Resilient and Robust Financial System
In remarks at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., President William C. Dudley discussed financial regulation and the ways in which proper incentives help ensure resiliency in the financial system.
(DATE: February 9, 2018)
Dudley: Panel Discussion on Banking Culture
In a panel discussion on culture and ethics in the banking industry, President William C. Dudley spoke about the responsibilities of firms and regulators, the importance of incentives, and the longer-term outlook.
(DATE: February 9, 2018)
Stiroh: Misconduct Risk, Culture and Supervision
In his remarks at a roundtable at the New York Fed, Executive Vice President Kevin Stiroh shared his perspective on how supervisors can help mitigate misconduct risk and make the financial industry stronger by drawing from the growing literature about the root causes of misconduct and the supporting attributes of a healthy culture in financial firms.
(DATE: December 7, 2017)
Potter: The Foreign Exchange Global Code: Lessons Learned and Next Steps
In his remarks at the 2017 FX Week Conference in New York City, Executive Vice President Simon Potter shared his reflections on the FX Global Code, including some lessons learned in its development and the various steps underway to help promote and support its adoption.
(DATE: JULY 12, 2017)
Bergin: The Launch of the FX Global Code
In his remarks at the Forex Network New York 2017, Senior Vice President James Bergin spoke about how central banks and private sector participants collaborated on developing the FX Global Code, the plans for encouraging its widespread adoption and how it will be maintained by the Global Foreign Exchange Committee.
(DATE: MAY 25, 2017)
Dudley: Reforming Culture for the Long Term
In remarks at the Banking Standards Board in London, President William C. Dudley discusses three issues that are key to improving culture in the financial services industry: a firm's purpose, its measurement of its performance against that purpose as well as against its peers and incentives.
(DATE: MARCH 21, 2017)
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