Services for Financial Institutions
Information about financial services and products such as check clearing, Fedwire® Funds and Securities, National Settlement, FedACH® and FedCash® Services can be found at the Federal Reserve Bank Services site.

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Contacts for Federal Reserve Bank Services
Business Continuity
In the Event of a Business Disruption at the Federal Reserve
During a contingency situation, Federal Reserve staff will work to ensure the highest possible level of service for our customers. Successful contingency operations will require preparation, coordination and cooperation between your institution and Federal Reserve staff. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s business continuity plans are aligned with those of other Federal Reserve Districts to support continuity of service. For more information, please visit:
National Business Continuity Guide: Cash Services OFFSITE
National Business Continuity Guide: Check Services OFFSITE
National Business Continuity Guide: Fedwire® Services OFFSITE
National Business Continuity Guide: FedLine® Access Solutions OFFSITE
National Business Continuity Guide OFFSITE

"Fedwire," "FedACH," "FedCash" and "FedLine" are registered trademarks or service marks of the Federal Reserve Banks.
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