Podcast: Bank Notes

This first series provides a close look at small businesses, including their financing needs and challenges and discussions with current small business owners.
Episode 05
Advice for Small Biz Owners
Mike Arnoff, Kevin Ellis, Ranjini Poddar
What did our small business owners wish they had known when they started? What have they learned? For current and future small business owners, we pull together our guests’ best advice on starting a business, developing relationships around financing, working with clients, and training and retaining a diverse workforce.
Episode 04
Shipping Milk From Farm to Table
Kevin Ellis
Kevin Ellis grew up on a dairy farm, and in college he discovered a passion for business. But that didn’t keep him away from agriculture for long. He’s now the CEO of Cayuga Milk Industries, a small business that processes milk from 30 family-owned dairy farms in New York’s Finger Lakes region. Ellis talks about how Cayuga got started and how it’s impacting the dairy market. (RECORDED: AUG. 6, 2018)
Episode 03
Staffing in a High-Tech Age
Ranjini Poddar
Ranjini Poddar was in law school when she and her husband started the staffing firm Artech Information Systems (now Artech, LLC) in 1992. She is now the CEO at a time when the Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are almost six million contingent workers in the U.S. Poddar explains how Artech grew into a $450 million minority and women-owned business with more than 7,000 employees worldwide. (RECORDED: SEP. 18, 2018)
Episode 02
Built by Generations
Mike Arnoff
Arnoff Moving & Storage started in the 1920s with one truck. Now, 95 years, hundreds of trucks, and five generations later, the company is led by Mike Arnoff and has expanded its services to include logistics solutions. Arnoff takes us through the company’s history, its philosophy, and how its family culture keeps it moving in the ever-changing transportation space. (RECORDED: JAN. 19, 2018)
Episode 01
Access to Credit & Financing
Claire Kramer-Mills
Small businesses employ about 50 percent of private-sector workers. Claire Kramer-Mills leads the Federal Reserve System’s research on this key driver of the U.S. economy through an annual survey that examines small businesses’ access to financing. She details trends among small businesses, including how they’re performing and securing credit, as well as which firms are seeing the most challenges and where they can go for help. (RECORDED: NOV. 15, 2018)
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