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The Economic Policy Review is a policy-oriented journal focusing on macroeconomic, banking, and financial market topics. It publishes new research by Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists, papers by affiliated economists, and the proceedings of Bank-sponsored conferences. As of 2019, the Review also includes a Shorter Article series for research and policy insights that can be conveyed more concisely.

Julian di Giovanni is the series editor; Richard Crump, Marco Del Negro, and Andrew Haughwout are coeditors.

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Volume 23, Number 2    December
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The New York Fed Staff Underlying Inflation Gauge (UIG)
Marlene Amstad, Simon Potter, and Robert Rich

The Development of the Government Securities Clearing Corporation
Jeffrey F. Ingber

An Overview of the Survey of Consumer Expectations
Olivier Armantier, Giorgio Topa, Wilbert van der Klaauw, and Basit Zafar
Volume 23, Number 1    February
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Macroprudential Policy: A Case Study from a Tabletop Exercise
Tobias Adrian, Patrick de Fontnouvelle, Emily Yang, and Andrei Zlate

A Tale of Two States: The Recession’s Impact on N.Y. and N.J. School Finances
Ravi Bhalla, Rajashri Chakrabarti, and Max Livingston

The Effect of “Regular and Predictable” Issuance on Treasury Bill Financing
Paul Glasserman, Amit Sirohi, and Allen Zhang

Supervising Large, Complex Financial Institutions: What Do Supervisors Do?
Thomas Eisenbach, Andrew Haughwout, Beverly Hirtle, Anna Kovner, David Lucca, and Matthew Plosser

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