Data and Statistics

Regional Economic Data

Our Regional Data Center pulls together the New York Fed's robust data collections and analyses into one place.

The New York Fed provides research and statistics that contain valuable information about the economy. To help drive a deeper understanding of this information, please see a complete list of our interactive projects on topics like labor conditions, credit markets and school finance.

Markets Data

NEW: The Markets Data Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of all of the New York Fed's markets data in one location.

National Economic Data

Economic Indicators Calendar

Provides the date and time of key economic data releases. When available, links on the calendar direct you to the data source.

Monday, December 10
Blue Chip
Survey of Consumer Expectations
Tuesday, December 11
Producer Price Index
Wednesday, December 12
Consumer Price Index
Real Earnings
Atlanta Fed Inflation Expecations Survey
Thursday, December 13
Imports And Exports
Friday, December 14
Advanced Retail Sales
Industrial Production