Lesson Plans and Other Resources for Educators

Educators are encouraged to use these materials and links to support remote learning and keep current on the Federal Reserve System and New York Fed's recent actions to support the economy and financial stability. This will be updated to connect educators with relevant lesson plans and resources as they become available.

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans meet national and state standards and include activities, worksheets, and guidelines for generating classroom discussion.

The Flow of Money: An Overview and Lesson Plan for Educators on Monetary Policy during COVID-19

AUDIENCE: Educators and students (high school or introductory college level)

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Students will understand the circular flow model, liquidity, and how the Federal Reserve System can help provide liquidity in response to the pandemic and its economic impact.

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The New York Fed's Educational Comic Book Series

AUDIENCE: Educators and students (high school and middle school)

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The New York Fed's Educational Comic Book Series teaches students about basic economic principles and the Federal Reserve's role in the financial system.

The Story of Monetary Policy: This comic book illustrates the importance of monetary policy and the Federal Reserve's key responsibilities through a tour of planets that need guidance in stabilizing prices, increasing employment, and developing, a healthy economy.

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