Center for Microeconomic Data

Survey of Consumer Expectations
Household expectations for the unemployment rate, the risk of job loss, and the year-ahead financial situation deteriorated slightly in the July 2020 Survey of Consumer Expectations after several months of gradual improvement. Other indicators, such as expected growth in home prices and in household income, remained steady at considerably higher levels than in the March-April period, but below their pre-COVID-19 levels. Median inflation expectations increased 0.2 percentage point at the one-year and three-year horizons, to 2.9 percent and 2.7 percent, respectively, while disagreement about future inflation also increased.

Note: The 8/10 update was initially missing data points for breakouts by respondents’ geographic region for the month of July 2020. The interactive charts and chart data files have been corrected.

For more details:
Press Release: The Gradual Improvement in Consumer Expectations Halted in July
Fielding the Survey
The SCE is a nationally representative, Internet-based survey of a rotating panel of approximately 1,300 household heads. Respondents participate in the panel for up to twelve months, with a roughly equal number rotating in and out of the panel each month. Unlike comparable surveys based on repeated cross-sections with a different set of respondents in each wave, our panel enables us to observe the changes in expectations and behavior of the same individuals over time.