Center for Microeconomic Data

Survey of Consumer Expectations
The median one-year-ahead inflation expectation held steady at 3.0 percent in November, unchanged for the eighth straight month. Inflation expectations at the three-year horizon dipped by 0.1 percentage point to 2.9 percent. Consumers’ outlook on the housing and labor markets was generally more pessimistic, with home price expectations reaching their lowest level in twelve months. Earnings and unemployment expectations deteriorated for the second consecutive month.

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Press Release: Inflation Expectations Stable in November; Home Price and Earnings Expectations Decline
(Jul 2018)

SCE Labor Market
The SCE Labor Market Survey collects information on individuals’ experiences and expectations in the labor market—including earnings, job transitions and searches, and retirement expectations. The series is updated every four months.
(Jun 2018)

SCE Credit Access
The SCE Credit Access Survey provides information on consumers' experiences and expectations regarding credit demand and credit access. The series is updated every four months.
(May 2018)

SCE Housing Survey
The SCE Housing Survey, conducted annually since February 2014, collects rich and high-quality information on consumers' experiences and expectations regarding housing.
Fielding the Survey
The SCE is a nationally representative, Internet-based survey of a rotating panel of approximately 1,300 household heads. Respondents participate in the panel for up to twelve months, with a roughly equal number rotating in and out of the panel each month. Unlike comparable surveys based on repeated cross-sections with a different set of respondents in each wave, our panel enables us to observe the changes in expectations and behavior of the same individuals over time.