Center for Microeconomic Data

At a Glance: Findings from the December 2023 SCE Public Policy Survey
  • The average perceived likelihood of an expansion in federal student debt forgiveness increased to 28.7 percent in December, up from 27.8 percent in August but still well below its year-ago level of 34.7 percent.
  • The survey recorded declines in the average perceived likelihoods of increases in the gasoline tax, payroll tax, and income tax rate for the highest bracket. The average probability of an increase in the payroll tax reached its lowest level since at least August 2020, as did the probability of an increase in the highest income tax rate. The declines in these two series were driven by respondents over age 45.
  • The average perceived likelihoods of increases in the federal and state minimum wage rebounded somewhat from their recent lows, reaching 33.6 percent and 35.1 percent, respectively.
  • Expectations regarding the prospects for Medicare expansion and increases in social security and unemployment benefits all rebounded somewhat, moving back toward December 2022 levels.

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The SCE Public Policy Survey is fielded every four months as a rotating module of the Survey of Consumer Expectations (SCE). The data are updated online as results come in.

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