Center for Microeconomic Data

SCE Household Spending Survey
April Survey: The median expected year-ahead growth in everyday essential spending increased to 4.7 percent in April from 4.1 percent in December 2020, marking a series high. The median expected growth in non-essential spending rose to 4.1 percent in April from 1.6 percent in December, by far the highest reading in this series.
(posted May 17)
Among respondents employed four months ago, 97.3 percent were still employed in March 2021, compared to 95.3 percent in November 2020 and 89.1 percent in March 2020. The rise was due primarily to a decline in transitions out of the labor force, which fell to 1.3 percent in March from 4.0 percent in November.
(posted Apr 19)
Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit
Total household debt increased by 0.6 percent to reach $14.64 trillion in the first quarter of 2021. While mortgage, auto loan, and student loan balances continued to increase, credit card balances substantially decreased, consistent with both paydowns among borrowers and constrained consumption opportunities.
(posted May 12)
April Survey: Median year-ahead inflation expectations increased to 3.4 percent in April from 3.2 percent in March—reaching its highest level since September 2013. The three-year outlook remained unchanged at 3.1 percent.
(posted May 10)
Annual Survey: Consumers anticipate a 5.1 percent rise in local home prices over the year ahead. That’s up from 3.7 percent last February (largely before COVID-19). Five-year-ahead home price growth expectations averaged 2.0 percent (annualized), steady with the past two years.
(posted Apr 5)

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