Center for Microeconomic Data

More Workers Transition to Unemployment; Wage Expectations Rise
The results of the July 2019 SCE Labor Market Survey show a year-over-year uptick in transitions into unemployment, particularly among respondents with lower levels of income and education. Meanwhile, employer-to-employer transitions increased, with respondents also reporting a slightly higher likelihood of moving to a new employer in the next four months. The average full-time offer wage received in the past four months rose to $54,943, up from $52,590 in July 2018. The average expected wage offer (conditional on receiving one) and the average reservation wage—the lowest wage at which respondents would be willing to accept a new job—both went up as well.

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Press Release: Labor Market Survey Shows Increase in Transitions into Unemployment; Average Expected Wage Offer Continues to Rise
Fielding the Survey
The SCE Labor Market Survey, fielded every four months as part of the Survey of Consumer Expectations, collects information on individuals' experiences and expectations with respect to earnings, job transitions, and job offers, among other topics. The results of the November 2018 survey show that the average full-time offer wage rose to $58,035, up from $52,590 in July.