Broad General Collateral Rate Data

The Broad General Collateral Rate (BGCR) is a measure of rates on overnight Treasury general collateral repurchase agreement (repo) transactions. General collateral repo transactions are those for which the specific securities provided as collateral are not identified until after other terms of the trade are agreed. The BGCR includes all trades in the Tri-Party General Collateral Rate plus GCF Repo transactions.

The BGCR is calculated as a volume-weighted median of transaction-level tri-party repo data collected from the Bank of New York Mellon as well as GCF Repo transaction data obtained from DTCC Solutions LLC, an affiliate of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. Each business day, the New York Fed publishes the BGCR on the New York Fed website at approximately 8:00 a.m. ET.

For more information on the BGCR’s publication schedule and methodology, see Additional Information about Reference Rates Administered by the New York Fed.

Data provided under a license granted to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by DTCC Solutions LLC (“Solutions”), an affiliate of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. DTCC Solutions, its affiliates, and third parties from which they obtained data have no liability for the content of this material.


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