FMLG Financial Markets Lawyers Group FMLG FXC


Syed Riaz Ali ("Ali")
Assistant General Counsel
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Sarah Ashkenazi
Director and Assistant General Counsel
Bank of America

James Brown

David Buchalter
Managing Director and Associate General Counsel
Bank of New York Mellon

Martha Burke
Senior Counsel
Wells Fargo

Maria Douvas-Orme
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley

Terence Filewych
Executive Director and Counsel
UBS Investment Bank

Jill Hurwitz
Director and Senior Counsel
Deutsche Bank

Glade A. Jacobsen
Managing Director and Associate General Counsel
Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Robert F. Klein
Managing Director and Counsel
Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Matthew Lillvis
Deputy General Counsel
Millennium Management LLC

Nancy Rigby
Vice President and Assistant General Counsel
U.S. Bank

Jeffrey Saxon
Managing Director
BNP Paribas

Lisa A. Shemie
Associate General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer - Cboe FX & Cboe SEF
Cboe Global Markets

David A. Trapani
Executive Director and Head of New York Legal
CLS Bank International

Frank Weigand
General Counsel
HSBC Securities (USA), Inc.

R. Bryan Woodard
Executive Vice President and Global Managing Counsel
State Street Global Markets

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Members

Michael S. Nelson, Chair
Assistant General Counsel and Senior Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Thomas Noone, Secretary
Counsel and Assistant Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Christina Getz, Secretary, Foreign Exchange Committee
Policy and Market Analysis Senior Associate
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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