Fedwire Securities Customer Advisory Group
The group, comprised of representatives from depository institutions, securities issuers and other significant stakeholders in the Fedwire Securities Service, meets twice a year to provide a forum for the Wholesale Product Office to engage in a dialogue with customers on fixed income securities related issues.

Michael Albanese
Executive Director
JPMorgan Chase Bank,

Sandy Dechter
Senior Vice President
Northern Trust

Kevin Autrey
Vice President
Fannie Mae

Chris Harper
Federal Home Loan Banks

Brent Blake
Vice President
State Street Bank
and Trust Company

Elke Jakubowski
Vice President
Fixed Income Clearing

Terry Bouthilet
Vice President
Wells Fargo

Barbara Lubey Piti
Bank of America

Kevin Caffrey
Managing Director
The Bank of New York

Deborah Mercer-Miller
Citibank, N.A.

Daniel Crozier
Vice President
US Bank

Randa Paver
Senior Director
Freddie Mac

John T Daugherty
Vice President
Ginnie Mae

Dara Seaman
Assistant Commissioner
U.S. Department of the Treasury

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