Buyside General Counsel Committee
The Buyside General Counsel Committee brings together lawyers from pension funds, asset management firms and/or hedge funds to discuss issues of broad interest to those sectors. The committee meets four times per year to present members' views to the general counsel and other attorneys from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. See the charter

Thomas Baxter
Federal Reserve Bank
of New York

Elizabeth Keeley
Taconic Capital

Scott B. Bernstein
Caxton Associates LP

John Liftin
D. E. Shaw & Co., L.P.

David Brooks
Fortress Investment
Group LLC

Owen S. Littman
Cowen Group, Inc.

Adam C. Cooper
Citadel LLC

Simon Lorne
Millennium Management, LLC

Marcy Engel
Eton Park Capital

Michael S. Nelson
Federal Reserve Bank
of New York

Joyce Hansen
Federal Reserve Bank
of New York

Andrew Paul
Tudor Investment Corporation

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