Diversity & Inclusion

We Value Diversity and Inclusion
Our diverse workforce and inclusive work environment respect and fully value our staff’s individual strengths, including their different backgrounds, personalities and thought processes. Diversity and inclusion work best together. Each day, we see how diverse perspectives ultimately yield more creative approaches and tangible outcomes for everyone.
Spotlight on OPEN
OPEN provides professional development opportunities among the New York Fed's LGBTQ community and its allies, while also promoting awareness about key LGBTQ issues. For Pride Month, it will highlight marginalized groups within the LGBTQ community through a panel discussion for New York Fed staff focused on the issues of elder care, youth homelessness, the transgender community, and the continuing high rates of H.I.V. infection. OPEN will also celebrate milestones in LGBTQ history and plan a group tour of the works of a prominent 1980s AIDS activist and artist.
10 Resource Networks

Our employee resource networks provide professional opportunities for staff—across all groups and levels of the organization—to develop leadership skills, shape new initiatives, and facilitate mentoring and networking. They also bring in outside speakers, assist with recruiting diverse candidates, and partner with nonprofit and community groups.

  • AALMA—African American and Latino Men's Alliance
  • APNA—Asian Professional Networking Alliance
  • FedAbility—Disabilities Awareness Network
  • Generations—Multi-generational Network
  • MOSAIC—Women of Color Network
  • Nightlight—Evening Shift Staff Network
  • OPEN—Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender Employees and Allies Network
  • VETERANS—Military Veterans and Families Network
  • WFN—Working Families Network
  • WoMEN—Women’s Mentoring and Empowerment Network