Financial Advisory Roundtable
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A group of distinguished economists, risk management professionals and other experts in the financial markets meet twice a year with the president of the New York Fed to discuss financial stability issues and present their views on financial policy.  See the charter and antitrust guidelines

Hayley Boesky
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Deborah Lucas
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

John H. Cochrane
Stanford University

Srini Ramaswamy
J.P. Morgan Chase

Bennett Golub

Antoinette Schoar
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robin Greenwood
Harvard University

Til Schuermann
Oliver Wyman

Bradford Hu
Citigroup, Inc.

Jeremy C. Stein
Harvard University

Ralph Koijen
University of Chicago

Heather E. Tookes
Yale School of Management

Nina Boyarchenko
Matthew Plosser

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