The Archives
We identify, preserve and make available institutional records that document the history of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Our archivists assist historians, scholars and other serious researchers studying areas of economic and financial history and policy that have been affected by the Bank's activities.

Anyone who wishes to conduct research at the Bank's Archives must complete an application and agree to abide by the guidelines below.
General Use Policy

Researchers interested in viewing records held by the Archives of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York must first contact the Bank's Archives at (212) 720-8906 or by email to obtain a research application. All requests are subject to review and approval by the Research Support Function. Please apply as far in advance of your anticipated visit as possible. The Archives is not open to walk-in researchers, but to those who have completed the application process and made an appointment.
  • In submitting your request, please be specific to ensure that all relevant records are retrieved. Include as much information as is available about your subject(s), the chronological range of your study, and specific institutions and people of interest. Documents created within the past 30 years are not open for research.

  • In general, the Archives is open to researchers Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. However, this is subject to change based on business needs. If an appointment cannot be kept, please notify the staff of your cancellation as soon as possible.

  • Researchers agree to use extreme care when handling records, following standard archival practices prohibiting the use of pens, food and drink. Depending on the nature of the records being viewed, the archivist may specify additional handling procedures. Electrical outlets are available for laptop computer users.

  • No bags are permitted in the research area.

  • The Bank reserves the right to review, prior to publication, any material based on its records. Courtesy copies of published journal articles and relevant book chapters are appreciated.
Reproduction Services
Only Archives staff members are permitted to photocopy paper-based records; the researcher may print documents from microfilm or archives staff can provide them to the researcher as PDF files. The first 100 copies are free, with a charge of $.15 for each additional page. Generally, researchers are free to use their own cameras or other devices to make their own photographic reproductions of documents, with the caveat that flash photography is prohibited. In addition, researchers who choose to take photographs must not photograph anything other than the documents themselves, such as staff members or the interior of the building.

The Archives may refuse to reproduce material that is fragile or otherwise restricted.

The Archives may refuse to reproduce material that is fragile or otherwise restricted.
Selected Collections
  • Presidential Papers:

    Benjamin Strong, Jr. (1914-1928)
    George L. Harrison (1928-1940)
    Allan Sproul (1941-1956)
    Alfred Hayes (1956-1975)
    Paul A. Volcker (1975-1979)
    Anthony M. Solomon (1980-1984)

  • Papers of Select Senior Officers
  • Redacted copies of the Board of Directors' Meeting Minutes
  • The Central Files collection of subject files, correspondence, reports, memos, and other materials, including those with other countries and foreign central banks.
Archives Section
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045
Tel: (212) 720-8906
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