Emerging Markets and International Affairs
Alberto G. Musalem (bio)
Executive Vice President
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The Emerging Markets and International Affairs Group supports two of the Bank's key objectives: fostering international financial stability and expanding international relationships.

Development Studies and Foreign Research
  • Evaluates macroeconomic, financial, and political developments in emerging and newly industrialized economies.
  • Evaluates country and transfer risk for individual countries on behalf of the Inter-agency Country Exposure Review Committee (ICERC).
  • Prepares studies to enhance the bank's general understanding of economic and political trends in emerging market countries.
Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Analyzes developments in both G-10 and emerging market financial systems, including supervisory and regulatory issues, and accounting practices.
  • Analyzes current debt and equity market developments in emerging economies.
  • Engages in various projects covering a wide range of international financial issues.
International Affairs
  • Acts as the principal liaison between this bank and foreign central banks, other official sector agencies and institutions, international financial organizations, and the private sector financial community.
  • Arranges and coordinates central bank bilateral and international capital markets committee meetings for the bank's president and senior officers.
  • Coordinates and directs technical assistance with central bank authorities and international financial institutions.
  • Sponsors training programs for foreign central bankers, including the bank's annual central banking seminar.

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