Executive Office
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The Executive Office is comprised of the following organizational units reporting directly to the President and First Vice President:

Applied Critical Thinking
Meg McConnell, Senior Vice President
  • ACT leverages insights from cognitive science and complex systems theory to raise awareness of the ways that many cognitive and collaborative practices fail us under conditions of complexity and uncertainty and of the corresponding need for a culture of intellectual humility.
  • ACT looks to fields such as intelligence analysis, design, climate science and medicine for more effective practices, and through experimentation and iteration, adapts these practices to central banking.
  • ACT infuses these new ways of working into the broader organization by having individuals and teams apply them to core aspects of the work of central banking--being forward-looking, maintaining a wide field-of-view, responding to ambiguous threats and unexpected events, and dealing with intractable problems--in safe-to-fail environments.
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Ivan Hurwitz, Senior Vice President
Anna Ng, Assistant Vice President
Jaap Ritzen, Vice President
  • Investigates employee discrimination complaints based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age and disability.
  • Reviews the Bank's policies and procedures to ensure compliance with EEO laws and regulations.
Strategic Planning Office
Maria Melendez, Assistant Vice President
Brian Watson, Vice President
  • The purpose of the Strategic Planning Office (SPO) is to enable effective and efficient use of resources in support of the Bank’s strategic priorities.
  • The SPO enables clear articulation of the Bank’s strategic priorities; alignment, integration and rationalization of its resource allocation; and support for and evaluation of performance against strategic and resource plans.
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