Executive Office
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The Executive Office is comprised of the following organizational units reporting directly to the President and First Vice President:

Chief of Staff's Office
  • Supports the President and First Vice President.
  • Conducts a range of analytical, advisory and reporting activities.
  • Coordinates the Bank's work on financial stability and regulatory policy matters.
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Robert M. Beyer, Vice President
Darau Johnson, Vice President
Anand R. Marri, Vice President
Susan McLaughlin, Senior Vice President
  • Investigates employee discrimination complaints based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age and disability.
  • Reviews the Bank's policies and procedures to ensure compliance with EEO laws and regulations.
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Diane T. Ashley, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President (bio)
  • Advises the Management Committee on strategic direction for the Bank’s commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I).
  • Facilitates implementation of the Bank’s comprehensive D&I strategy across all aspects of managing our workforce, our supplier relationships, and our economic and educational outreach to Second District communities.
  • Leads the Bank’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) and publishes the OMWI Annual Report to Congress.
  • Oversees the Bank’s 10 employee resource networks and employee volunteerism for community service.
Strategic Planning Office
Christina Miller, Senior Vice President (bio)
  • The purpose of the Strategic Planning Office (SPO) is to enable effective and efficient use of resources in support of the Bank’s strategic priorities.
  • The SPO enables clear articulation of the Bank’s strategic priorities; alignment, integration and rationalization of its resource allocation; and support for and evaluation of performance against strategic and resource plans.