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Senior Vice President
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The Markets Group comprises many business lines that fulfill a range of responsibilities, including planning and executing open market operations, analyzing global financial market developments, executing lender of last resort operations, providing financial services for international customers, and serving in a fiscal agent capacity for the U.S. Treasury. The five main business areas are:

Market Operations, Monitoring, and Analysis
  • Implements domestic open market and foreign currency operations in a manner that is consistent with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) authorization and directives.
  • Monitors and analyzes global financial markets to inform the formulation and implementation of monetary and financial stability policy.
  • Provides capital markets-related fiscal agency and other services to the U.S. Treasury.
  • Transacts on behalf of foreign and international monetary authorities.
Central Bank and International Account Services
  • Provides securities clearing, custody, funds transfer and other support services for the domestic and foreign monetary policy operations of the FOMC through the System Open Market Account (SOMA).
  • Offers a range of correspondent and custodial banking services to Foreign and International Monetary Authorities (FIMAs).
Discount Window and Collateral Valuation
  • Provides lending and collateral services to depository institutions in the Second Federal Reserve District under the terms of the Primary, Secondary or Seasonal Credit Facilities.
  • Determines valuation and margin practices for collateral pledged throughout the Federal Reserve System, and values and estimates the risk of collateral pledged to the Second District’s Discount Window lending facilities, the SOMA portfolio, and temporary liquidity facilities.
Group Shared Services
  • Provides a range of centralized non-IT support services to the Markets Group, including financial management, operational risk management, workforce administration, data administration and project management. GSS also houses pooled Markets Group resources, including administrative assistants and the rotational analyst program.
Business Technology
  • Provides technology solutions and various data and business support services for the operations and analytical work of the Markets Group.
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