Lauren A. Hargraves

Lauren A. Hargraves is senior vice president and manager of the Wholesale Product Office at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Prior to being named senior vice president, Ms. Hargraves had been vice president of the financial management and discount window in the Markets Group since July 2002.

The Wholesale Product Office is responsible for strategic planning, product developments and oversight of the Federal Reserve System's Fedwire® funds service and securities services, as well as the net settlement service.

Ms. Hargraves joined the Bank in September 1985 as a research assistant in the developing economies division in the Research Group and in July 1994, she was appointed an officer of the Bank and assigned to the international finance department. In December 1996, she was promoted to assistant vice president in the strategic development staff in the Markets Group. In December 1999, she was promoted to vice president in the domestic money markets department.

Ms. Hargraves holds a bachelor's degree from Trinity College, an MBA degree and a masters degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

May 2005

® Fedwire is a registered service mark of the Federal Reserve Banks.