Susan W. Mink
Susan W. Mink

Susan W. Mink is the executive vice president of the Human Resources Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Ms. Mink is a member of the Bank's Management Committee and leads the Leadership Subcommittee.

The Human Resources Group partners with business groups to accomplish the objectives of the Bank, with focus on recruitment, retention, recognition and development of its outstanding talent. The Human Resources Group offers advice and counsel to support the Bank in its efforts to be an employer of choice. It develops programs and processes to ensure that the appropriate rewards and recognition are available to employees and to identify and develop the next generation of leaders for the Bank.

Ms. Mink joined the Bank in July 2009. Prior to that, she gained over 30 years of human resources experience in banking, investment banking, asset management and insurance.

Ms. Mink received her bachelor’s degree in history and Russian Area Studies from Pennsylvania State University.


August 2015