Fingerprint Procedures
The procedures below are applicable if you are associated with an application or notice that has been filed or that will be filed in the near future with the Federal Reserve System, and Federal Reserve staff has determined that you are subject to a name check. This is a procedure whereby background information on an individual is requested from other regulatory and investigative authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In order for the FBI to perform this check, you must supply your fingerprints. This may be done in one of two ways.

Use of a Fingerprint Card

We will supply a fingerprint card, postage paid pre-addressed envelope and letter of instructions. The fingerprint card must be taken to a police station or other law enforcement location, where law enforcement personnel will fill out the card and take your fingerprints. You should call the location to get specific instructions on arranging an appointment, the cost to you (if any) of having the fingerprint card completed and any special information required by that particular location. In addition to the fingerprint card, you should take:

(1) the enclosed postage paid pre-addressed envelope (addressed to the Office of Personnel Management) to the location where you have chosen to have your fingerprints taken, and
(2) picture identification, such as a driver's license.

You should not fill out any section of the fingerprint card. Law enforcement staff will fill out the card. Once the fingerprint card is complete, law enforcement officials may mail the card in the provided envelope, or should seal the fingerprint card in the envelope and give it back to you for mailing. If the completed card is returned to you, please mail it as soon as possible.1 Should the FBI determine the print is “unreadable” you will be required to have it re-taken.

Use of a Live-Scan Terminal

Individuals located in the New York City area may find it more convenient to visit our Reserve Bank at 33 Liberty Street and have their fingerprints taken electronically through a device called a Live-Scan terminal (“Live Scan”). The use of Live-Scan will significantly expedite the FBI name check process since the readability of the prints is instantly determined, and are electronically transmitted to the FBI. On the day of your appointment, you should report to 44 Maiden Lane where an officer of the Protection Division will direct you to the Live Scan terminal. You will be required to provide photo identification. The entire process should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

Live Scan terminals are also available at the head offices and branches of certain other Reserve Banks. To schedule an appointment at another Reserve Bank facility, please contact the Applications Function.

Please note that a delay in returning your fingerprint card or in having your fingerprints taken electronically can result in a delay in final action on your application or notification. To the extent possible, you should be fingerprinted prior to the submission of a filing with the Federal Reserve.

To request a fingerprint card and related materials or to schedule a Live Scan appointment, please call your designated applications specialist at the New York Fed. For more information on the name check process, please also see SR Letter (03-10) offsite.

Questions regarding the applicability of the fingerprint requirements should be directed to the Bank Applications general number:
(212) 720-8842.

1If you choose to send the fingerprint card to the Office of Personnel Management by expedited mail that prohibits the use of post office box addresses, rather than using the address on the pre-addressed envelope, send the card to: FP-SAC, OPM-FIPC, 1137 Branchton Road, Boyers, Pennsylvania 16018.

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