Newspaper Notices
International Filings

A newspaper notice may be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the community(ies) where the Applicant proposes to establish an office(s). Generally, while “general circulation” is not defined by any regulation, such newspapers will be available for subscription and delivery in the area served by the institution in question. For additional information about newspapers of general circulation, please contact Bank Applications at 212-720-8842. A publisher’s affidavit from each newspaper should be forwarded with the formal application or as soon as possible thereafter. An application cannot be considered informationally complete without the necessary affidavits.

Notification is hereby given by (NAME OF APPLICANT, CITY, COUNTRY) that an application has been filed with the Federal Reserve Board to establish a (BRANCH, AGENCY, COMMERCIAL LENDING COMPANY, REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE) at (ADDRESS)[City, State is alright if no street address is available], pursuant to the International Banking Act of 1978.

Interested parties may submit written comments on the application to Bank Applications Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bank Applications Department, 33 Liberty Street, New York, New York, 10045-0001 or via email: The thirty-day comment period will not end before (DATE). If you need more information about how to submit your written comments on the application, contact the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Bank Applications Department at (212) 720-8842.

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