Central Banking Seminar

The Central Banking Seminar is an in-person week-long program designed to broaden experience for central bankers from around the world who have been identified as high-potential leaders by their respective institutions. The seminar is being held in-person in 2024 and will continue to provide participants an overview of the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, financial supervision, global payment systems, financial markets, and selected challenges facing policymakers.

The 48th Central Banking Seminar will be held in the Fall at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and will feature 5 days of programming. Past speakers have included prominent commercial and investment bankers, experts from the financial community, distinguished faculty from major universities, and senior officials from central banks and the New York Fed.

A Valuable Networking Opportunity

Beyond the information covered in the seminar, the program's collegial environment offers participants extensive opportunities to network at all levels. In the past, participants have interacted with the speakers and other Federal Reserve Bank officials during sessions and informally at luncheons, receptions, and other gatherings. Individual appointments with New York Fed officials can also be arranged so that the participants can pursue seminar topics in greater detail.

The seminar brings together participants from developed, emerging, and transitional economies on a common footing. Participants meet and establish personal connections with fellow central bankers that extend beyond the duration of the program. Through these contacts, participants share information and exchange ideas about common challenges and solutions.

How to Participate

Participation in the Central Banking Seminar is limited. Applicants should be mid-level to senior officers with sufficient education and work experience to be able to take advantage of the material and interactive format, and must be nominated by their institution. Participants should have some background in financial markets and monetary and financial policy to derive maximum benefit from the program. Fluency in English is required.

Nomination letters and questions regarding the Central Banking Seminar should be directed to our International Committees and Seminars department at international.training@ny.frb.org.

The Seminar's Origin and Continued Impact
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