Central Banking Seminar

For over 30 years, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has sponsored the annual Central Banking Seminar for central bankers from around the world.

This seminar is offered each October and gives participants an overview of the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, bank supervision, global payment systems, financial markets, emerging markets issues and selected challenges facing policy makers. The program is designed as a broadening experience for central bankers who have been identified as potential leaders by their respective institutions. The conference is held at the New York Fed, in the heart of the U.S. financial district.

Speakers at the Central Banking Seminar include prominent commercial and investment bankers, experts from the financial community, distinguished faculty from major universities, and senior officers from the New York Fed.

Beyond the technical information covered in the seminar, the program's collegial environment offers the participants extensive opportunities to network at all levels. Participants interact with the speakers and other Federal Reserve Bank officials both during sessions, and informally at luncheons, receptions, and other gatherings. Individual appointments with officials in the financial community can also be arranged so that the participants can pursue seminar topics in greater detail.

The seminar draws together participants from industrial, emerging, and transitional economies on a common footing. Participants meet and establish personal contact with fellow central bankers and supervisors. Through these contacts, participants explore how others cope with common challenges.

For Participants
Please note that participation is limited to central bankers. In addition, we must receive an endorsement from the governor or chief executive of your institution before we review your application. Nomination letters and questions regarding the Central Banking Seminar should be directed to Ms. Elizabeth Mahoney, International Affairs Office at (212) 720-8116, or via e-mail to international.training@ny.frb.org.

The 39th annual Central Banking Seminar will be held from Monday, October 5 - Friday, October 9, 2015. Invitation letters have been sent to central bank governors. Registration is now open.

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