Reminder: Subscriptions to our Circular Alert Service Are Still Available
May 17, 1999
Circular No. 11153

To the Chief Executive Officers of All Depository Institutions in the Second Federal Reserve District:

Last month you received an invitation (Circular No. 11147) to participate in our new Circular Alert Service, which will go into effect next month. Many of you have already subscribed to the service, and we would like to remind those of you who have not that, besides being free, it will bring circulars to you faster and more efficiently. The new service will alert you, by e-mail, to the issuance of each of our circulars, giving you immediate access on the Internet to the complete circular and all of its enclosures, if you decide you want it.

A copy of the invitation, which highlights the benefits of the service and explains how to subscribe, is available online.

Please note that, while anyone in your organization may take advantage of this service, it is important that you subscribe, or someone on your behalf, in order to ensure that the CEO of each organization receives notification of all circulars.

If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Carmody.