Modifications to the Method for Imputing Priced-Service Income from Clearing-Balance Investments
October 28, 2003
Circular No. 11552

To All Depository Institutions and Others Concerned in the Second Federal Reserve District:

In a press release, the Federal Reserve Board announced modifications to the method for imputing priced-service income from clearing balance investments. The Federal Reserve Banks impute this income when setting fees and measuring actual priced-service cost recovery each year. The Board requested comment on the changes in May 2003.

Clearing balances held at Reserve Banks are similar to compensating balances held at correspondent banks. Beginning in January 2004, Reserve Banks will impute the income from clearing balance investments on the basis of a broader portfolio of investments than the three-month Treasury bills used today. This portfolio will be selected from instruments available to banks and subject to a risk-management framework that includes criteria consistent with those used by bank holding companies and regulators in evaluating investment risk.

The annual imputed investment return will be based on an underlying imputed investment portfolio, but will be implemented as a constant annual spread over the three-month Treasury bill rate.

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Robert M. Pofsky
Assistant Vice President
Accounting Function

Carl W. Turnipseed
Executive Vice President