Public Alerted to Illegitimate Checks Drawn on TUC Private Currency Office by The United Cities Corp
August 29, 2007
Circular No. 11892

The Federal Reserve Board has alerted the public to instances of illegitimate checks being drawn on an entity named TUC Private Currency Office and other questionable practices by The United Cities Corp., Miami, Florida. Reports of these practices have surfaced in Florida.

In addition to issuing illegitimate checks, The United Cities Corp. claims to have created a currency called "The United States Private Dollar." On its website, The United Cities Corp. says that it received confirmation of the legitimacy of "The United States Private Dollar" from the Federal Reserve System. This claim is untrue. The Federal Reserve does not endorse any private currency.

Anyone who has acquired these checks should not attempt to deposit or use them, but should instead contact their local law enforcement office or U.S. Secret Service office.

See the Board’s press release for full details.

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