Operating Circular No. 4 Revised
March 31, 2009
Circular No. 12083

Effective April 27, 2009, the Federal Reserve Banks are amending appendixes E and F1 to Operating Circular 4, Automated Clearing House Items.

Key changes made by the amendment include the following:

Appendix E (FedACH RiskĀ® Origination Monitoring Service)

  • In readiness for the new international ACH transaction standard entry class code (IAT) that becomes effective in September 2009, a parenthetical has been added to the definition of "Company Identification" in section 1.4, noting that for IAT batches the company identification field is called the originator identification field.

Appendix F1 (FedEDIĀ® Plus Service)

  • The term "secure email" has been changed throughout the appendix to read "encrypted email."
  • To accommodate a new report for sending banks, the appendix has been revised so that the service is no longer specific to receiving banks.

Your continued use of Reserve Bank services on or after April 27, 2009, constitutes agreement to the new terms of the operating circular.

See the link below on the Federal Reserve Financial Services website for the official version of the amended operating circular. To request a paper copy of any operating circular, contact your Customer Contact Center.

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