Reporting Form
FR 2230 Suspicious Activity Report
This report must be completed by a financial institution, including a state member bank, a bank holding company and its nonbank subsidiaries, an Edge or an agreement corporation and a domestic branch or agency of a foreign bank, when it knows of or suspects criminal activity that violates a federal criminal statute involving, among other things, financial crimes, money laundering and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act or when it identifies any suspicious financial transactions. Suspicious financial transactions include transactions that the financial institution suspects involve funds derived from illegal activities were conducted for the purpose of hiding or disguising funds from illegal activities or were designed to evade the record keeping or reporting requirement of the Bank Secrecy Act. Suspicious financial transactions also include transactions that the financial institution believes are suspicious for any other reason.
Suspicious Financial Transactions
Bank Holding Companies, Commercial Banks, U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks
Form and Instructions: Offsite
Current and historical versions of this form and their instructions are maintained on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's website in PDF format.
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