Reporting Form
FR 2572 Report of Terms of Credit Card Plans
This report collects information on terms offered by the largest issuers of bank credit cards in the nation. The respondents submit information on the pricing and fees of available third-party credit card plans.
Bank Credit
Commercial Banks
Form and Instructions: Offsite
Current and historical versions of this form and their instructions are maintained on the Board of Governors' website in PDF format.
Additional Information:
Historic Reporting Changes pdf
Microdata are available to the public upon request through the Freedom of Information Office at the Board and are published in the semiannual SHOP: The Card You Pick Can Save You Money Offsite, which represents a summary table on selected credit terms. This information is available as a brochure and online. The Federal Reserve also produces a comprehensive list that includes the items in SHOP and other fees, such as over-the-limit charges and transaction fees for cash advances and purchases.
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