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FR Y-10 The Report of Changes in Organizational Structure

This report provides data on organizational structure changes for top tier bank holding companies (BHCs) organized under U.S. or foreign law, regardless of financial holding company status; foreign banking organizations (both qualifying and nonqualifying), whether or not a BHC; state member banks not controlled by a BHC or an FBO; Edge and agreement corporations not controlled by a BHC, FBO or member bank; and national banks not controlled by a BHC or FBO, but only with respect to their foreign branches, their investments made under Subpart A of Regulation K and foreign branches of their foreign subsidiaries that are investments made under Subpart A of Regulation K. The FR Y-10 includes the following schedules for reporting organizational structure changes: Banking; Savings and Loan; Nonbanking; Merger; 4(k); Domestic Branch; Foreign Branches of U.S. Banking Organizations; and Branch, Agency, and Representative Office.

The reporting instructions include: general instructions, specific instructions for each section of the reporting form, and appendices consisting of definitions of Federal Reserve Board Legal Authority Codes and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Activity Codes for Commonly Reported Activities.

Bank Holding Companies, Commercial Banks, Edge and Agreement Corporations, Foreign Banking Organizations, Savings and Loan Holding Companies
Form and Instructions: Offsite
Current and historical versions of this form and their instructions are maintained on the Board of Governors' website in PDF format.
Additional Information:
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Integration Letter pdf
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Effort Letter pdf
2012 Final Changes to Structure Reports pdf
2009 Letter of Changes pdf
Historic Reporting Changes pdf
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