Requests for Reports

We handle requests for copies of previously submitted data of the following reports:

  • FR Y-7 Annual Report of Foreign Banking Organizations (Foreign)
  • FR Y-6 Annual Report for Bank Holding Companies (Domestic)
  • FR Y-10 Report of Changes in Organizational Structure
  • FR Y-12 Consolidated Bank Holding Company Report of Equity Investments in Nonfinancial Companies *

To request copies of the reports listed above, please send an e-mail to

Copies of the FR Y-9C (Consolidated Financial Statement) and FR Y-9LP (Parent Company only Financial Statements for Large Bank Holding Companies) can be obtained through the National Information Center (NIC) offsite website. This website allows the public to search for detailed information about banking organizations and provides access to the reports.

You can find an institution by selecting "Institution Search" or "Top 50 BHCs" from the menu bar. The Institution Search allows you to search for an institution's current and non-current information by name and location. The Top 50 BHCs page provides the official list of the 50 largest BHCs, by consolidated asset size.

Instructions for running a report from NIC pdf

* Public Release: Data from the FR Y-12 reports are not published. With certain exceptions, microdata are considered public information and are available through the Board's Freedom of Information Office.

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