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Information about financial services and products such as check clearing, Fedwire® Funds and Securities, National Settlement, FedACH®, FedCash® Services, and FedNow® can be found at the Federal Reserve Bank Services site.

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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s (the “New York Fed”) Account Access Portal (the “Portal”) provides a “one-stop shop” for financial institutions to request access to a master account and/or Federal Reserve financial services with the New York Fed. The Portal enables its users to submit an online access request on behalf of their institution, upload required information in connection with their institution’s request, and communicate with the New York Fed about the request.

As discussed in these Frequently Asked Questions, the Portal is only available to financial institutions located in the Second Federal Reserve District that do not have existing access to a master account and/or Federal Reserve financial services. Institutions that currently have access to a master account and/or Federal Reserve financial services should not use the Portal to request new services.

In deciding whether it will exercise its discretion to grant a financial institution’s request for access to a master account and/or Federal Reserve financial services, the New York Fed evaluates such access requests in accordance with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System’s Guidelines for Evaluating Account and Services Requests. There is no specific timeframe in which an institution’s access request will be evaluated; the timeframe will depend on, among other things, the length of time it takes an institution to submit requested documents.
During a disruption, Federal Reserve staff members work to ensure the highest possible level of service. Successful operations will require both coordination and cooperation between financial institutions and Federal Reserve staff. There are a number of procedures in place to ensure the resilience following a service disruption. It is important that your staff becomes familiar with the information provided in the business continuity guides to be prepare in the event of a disruption.

In the event of a disruption, visit the Business Continuity Resource Center

"Fedwire," "FedACH," "FedCash" and "FedNow" are registered trademarks or service marks of the Federal Reserve Banks.
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