Area: Risk
Title: Senior Project Analyst
Education: Georgetown University

Why the Fed?

I was initially drawn to the New York Fed for a specific job opportunity. This was just before the Fed was in the headlines on a daily basis. Once I started, I quickly began to appreciate how unique and dynamic the Fed's role in the financial system is—and on top of that, everyone’s work here is meaningful. The opportunities to learn are endless. The Bank champions mobility within which I feel is a great way to grow professionally and develop interesting and comprehensive career experiences. The caliber of individuals I am surrounded by continuously motivates me. I am proud to tell people I work at the Fed.

My Responsibilities

I am the Secretary to the Subcommittee on Credit Risk Management (SCRM). In this role, I am the central point of contact for all coordination, communication and dissemination of information for SCRM, which is critical because it is a Systemwide subcommittee, consisting of members from the Discount Window and Credit Risk Management areas of each of the 12 districts, representatives from the Board of Governors, as well as liaisons from the legal and audit communities.

I manage our monthly meeting process from start to finish. I also publish a weekly newsletter each Friday which highlights SCRM’s accomplishments and news. In addition, I am the project management project coordinator—I collect information related to SCRM’s major initiatives and high-priority objectives, communicate regularly with project managers and develop a monthly reporting package that tracks the status of the projects. I am the liaison to and participate in several of SCRM’s workgroups and help facilitate the development of SCRM’s strategic objectives each year.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

SCRM is a Systemwide subcommittee and as a result, most of the people I interact with on a daily basis are not at the New York Fed—they are from all areas of the country! In my first year in this role, I travelled to five districts. This role provides me with the rewarding opportunity to learn about the Federal Reserve System as a whole and what makes each of the 12 Reserve Banks (plus the Board of Governors) unique. Organization is key, as it can be challenging to communicate and coordinate with so many people in so many places on so many different topics.

How Is the Fed Unique?

The Fed is unique because it not only works to develops monetary policy, but also plays an integral role in its execution. At the forefront of our work is promoting financial stability, and there are so many different areas within the Fed that work together to achieve this common goal. The environment here is also uniquely charged with enthusiasm and creativity, and there is a sense of overall inclusiveness.

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