Area: Technology Services
Title: Information Security Manager
Education: Johns Hopkins University, Polytechnic University of Brooklyn

Why the Fed?

I can't think of a better place to build my career in information security. The Fed offers tremendous opportunities for me to grow professionally and personally. I’m constantly surrounded by great people who are brilliant, supportive and encouraging. I feel the culture at the Fed strongly encourages a work-life balance that allows me to not only enjoy the things I do but also enjoy life outside of work.

My Responsibilities

I am part of a dynamic team that is responsible for securing information assets throughout the Bank. My duties involve addressing security concerns from other areas of the Bank such as Public Information, Bank Supervision and Markets. Often times I meet with other areas of the Bank to familiarize myself with their environment and offer suggestions to improve their IT security. I also conduct application vulnerability assessments installed on the Bank network to ensure that the security and integrity of Bank information is not compromised.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

The greatest challenge of my job is also the greatest reward. I am constantly being challenged by working on various projects with different areas of the Fed, as well as with other banks within the Federal Reserve System. There are plenty of opportunities for career development at the Fed. I also appreciate the open-door policy of my management – it’s conducive to a healthy, productive environment where we can speak our minds and truly make a difference.

How Is the Fed Unique?

As a public service organization, the Fed follows a different business model from other banks where the top priority is profit. At the end of the day, I feel the work I’ve done has contributed to a cause and not some stockholder’s bank account. Besides, I can’t think of too many places where I literally sit on top of $200 billion in gold bars, can you?

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