Area: Financial Services
Title: Operations Associate
Education: Montclair State University; Kaplan University

Why the Fed?

The Federal Reserve Bank plays an intricate role as the central bank for the United States by regulating financial institutions, implementing monetary policies and providing payment system services. Witnessing how all the components within the Fed function to execute these roles is exciting. Being part of such an imperative organization makes me proud to say I work at the Fed. In addition to the important responsibility the Fed has for maintaining the economy, it also sustains a great environment for the employees. It fosters a place for inclusiveness, career growth, and talent management. The Fed offers many social programs for the employees and the neighborhood. The Fed embraces ongoing change and ensures continuing professional development for its employees.

My Responsibilities

I am responsible for managing a team that performs the daily operations of Fedwire® Funds and National Net Settlement services in the Electronic Payments Function. These services enable financial institutions to send and receive electronic funds transactions and settle daily balances. I must also ensure operational resiliency of these services by maintaining alternate production site exercises.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

The need to stay competitive and current has facilitated the implementation of various enhancements to our services. A challenge has been to stay current with all the various initiatives and ensure my team stays informed. My job has allowed me to meet many people from other areas in the Federal Reserve System as well as our customers from financial institutions and government agencies. Having the opportunity to work at such an institution and networking with others is very rewarding.

How Is the Fed Unique?

What makes the Fed unique is their dual responsibility to the financial economy as well as their employees. The Fed encourages employees to take charge of their career by encouraging professional growth and offering talent development courses. Employees can engage in diversity resource networks that promote inclusiveness and innovation. The Fed also endorses a work-life balance so employees can dedicate their time to families as well as their careers.

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