Area: Emerging Markets & International Affairs
Title: International Finance Economics Associate
Education: Harvard University-Kennedy School of Government; University of Pennsylvania

Why the Fed?

The New York Fed has played an important role in responding to the recent global financial crisis and has a unique position in the global financial system as the central bank of the United States. Given its role in U.S. monetary policymaking and its strong relationships with policymakers around the world, it is a fantastic place to work for someone interested in international financial markets and global economic policy issues.

My Responsibilities

My responsibilities primarily involve informing senior management and staff throughout the Federal Reserve System about political, economic and financial issues in the Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan. My duties include monitoring and analyzing day-to-day financial-sector developments in these countries, briefing colleagues throughout the Bank on important issues and maintaining a network of official and private sector contacts. In addition to my country coverage responsibilities, I have also found opportunities to work on projects analyzing financial-sector issues across emerging markets.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

In Emerging Markets and International Affairs, we are constantly exposed to an ever-changing range of financial issues and policy problems facing different countries. Developing the deep expertise required to analyze the wide range of topics that we deal with can be challenging, but it is also what I love most about my job. Working in Emerging Markets and International Affairs has offered me an incredible learning experience.

How Is the Fed Unique?

The New York Fed has a reputation for rigorous analysis, and I am continually impressed by the caliber of work produced by my colleagues across the Bank. In addition, the New York Fed is one of the few institutions I have come across which embraces cross-divisional collaboration and offers employees numerous opportunities for professional development.

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